An introductory and intuitive course designed to help you understand and overcome your specific causes of stress and anxiety



You're a believer with no shortage of ambition who's tired of not living out your best life, is ready to stop being a people-pleaser, and to start self-respecting yourself, so that you can infinitely impact more lives, stop second-guessing yourself and live wherever, whenever and however you'd like

Whether You're...

a busy entrepreneur that is oh so close to figuring it all out, but you just need a little more guidance on how to live a more balanced life so you no longer have to live with shame, guilt, or regret.

You're in the right place and I'm going to tell you exactly how Stressless will give you the tools, inspiration, and support on your journey to finding fulfillment & everlasting joy in everything that you do

Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Course, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...

work a corporate job but have struggled with balancing work and me time and haven't quite figured out what the magic formula to live a life of fulfillment at the end of the night.

or a parent that is seeking to continually be the best example for your kids and connect with your kids more authentically (hint: most parents think they're not good enough due to the lack of support and framework)

have developed and nurtured a solid foundation to overcome stress and anxiety

no longer have to second-guess yourself or suffer from analysis paralysis

experience more clarity, confidence, courage, creativity, energy, patience, peace, and weight loss

be an embodiment of self-respect and be addicted to success

be the role model and inspiration you've always wanted to be for your kids, family, friends, and others

enjoy the journey to living a life of fulfillment and everlasting joy

have transformed your undesirable behaviors and habits into healthier behaviors and habits

have a tried and true method to always put yourself in a position to succeed whenever obstacles arise

By the end of this course, you will

Pree is one of the genuine, compassionate, and most inspiring teachers you could ever find!

Within one week of taking the Stressless course I had a huge momentum shift in the way I was operating in life. Pree's course gave me the clarity to not only make the necessary changes I wanted to implement but also how to teach my kids to do the same. I can not recommend this course enough for your overall well-being




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When I feel stressed, I review the 4 core principles and try to see where I’m slacking and try to get dialed back in.






I feel that I have developed a stronger skill set around being productive and organized. I had major issues with avoidance before, but now I feel like I've strengthened my productivity muscles


A Small Sample of Our Amazing Graduates

I try to engage in the moment, rather than check out. I've found that journaling, when needed, is helpful. Writing notes/letters to others to express myself helps too

This course gives a good foundation on how to establish multiple habits. Given that the course is only 3 months, it is an accelerated process. Just give yourself grace when you cannot juggle it all. One day at a time.






I was constantly sacrificing sleep to get things done; which meant smoking.

I have quit smoking, I occasionally have a drink as a celebration. I get AT LEAST 8 hrs of sleep.


Pree has an intoxicating calmness and kindness that you feel from day one. There is no judging, no pushiness, no cliches, just a man that has a passion to help others, and it shows.

Here's why it pays to learn from someone who's gone before you; I know exactly where most people get stuck in the habit transformation process. In this module, we're going to establish a framework for success by building momentum at the very get go


Success Blueprint

What's Inside Stressless

Often times when people start new ventures, they get overwhelmed very easily. I've detailed an easy to follow onboarding process so you can hit the ground running!

Going through the journey with others, always makes it more fun yeah? I know it makes things a whole lot easier for me, so that's why I've created an facebook group for you all

Sometimes when we learn something new, we may not understand it on the first time, so I've put together a resource guide for supplemental support, just in case you need it


Establishing your framework for success. This framework will be your guiding light as challenges arise

Access to resources section to serve as refreshers throughout the course

Setting up accountability and support systems. This will inspire you to take CONSCIOUS action

Easy to follow onboarding process so you can hit the ground running

Movement Mastery



Learn about the most effective movement routine for longevity

Now we're getting into the heart of the course! This module is focused on movement. It's as simple as that! Since there are so many ways to move, I'll tell you the most effective movement routine that will help you maintain longevity.

You're going to feel more invigorated, energized, fit, confident, healthier and lose weight

You're going to feel more invigorated, energized, fit, confident, healthier, and lose weight because you will be addicted to movement and exercise are transforming our undesirable behaviors and habits into healthy ones.

A question I get asked a lot is when is the best time to move? It is such a fantastic question, and the answer is dependent on so many factors and we'll discuss those factors and more!

Discussion of the factors in determining the best time to move

Have you ever wanted to have a physical fitness routine as robust as you brushing your teeth or taking a shower everyday? We'll go into the specifics on how to create that lifelong routine once and for all!

Specifics on how to include a life-long movement routine


Organization Mastery

Create clarity through organization and notice how the stress and anxiety melts away

We'll be understanding our thought process and theories around organization

You'll have the most efficient way to organize your thought processes and have a lifelong sustainable organization system

Being disorganized or not being organized enough is one of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety. This module is focused on creating clarity through organization.

We're going to explore and refine our thought processes and theories around organization that will come into fruition as we do the work around it

Can you imagine how much confidence you're going to have when you no longer have to spend time finding your keys or your passwords. How much more time you'll have to focus on life and just how much more simple life will be?


Because we still have egos, you're going to learn how to organize your thought processes in the most efficient way while creating a lifelong sustainable organizational system

You'll have a brand new sense of confidence, organized living area, and an exponential amount of clarity

Journaling Mastery


While I think it's very important to talk or complain to people, the great thing about journaling is that your journal doesn't talk back and you get to create happiness in an instant. This module teaches you how to create clarity through journaling


Contrary to popular belief, all journaling is not the same or has the same level of effectiveness. There's a specific way to journal to get the best results and the most clarity to take conscious action. We'll learn how to do that in this module.

Journaling coupled with organization is a powerful combination to set you free from your undesirable behaviors and habits. Essentially you're clearing up the noise to be able to tap into your true-self which is nothing more than intuition.

Don't get me wrong, it is healthy to see a therapist, it is unhealthy to be reliant on one, and journaling will help you develop the therapist within. The greatness that you'll discover for yourself is limitless and cannot wait to see what you'll uncover for yourself!

Create clarity through journaling and you'll notice how much happier you'll be instantaneously

Learn how to journal the right way and you'll notice how the creativity and clarity comes pouring in

Learn how to tap into your true-self by clearing up the noise

Learn how journaling will help you develop the therapist within

We often neglect the one area that causes us the most stress and anxiety, so in this module we'll work on completing or making progress on our One Difficult Task.


ODT Mastery

There's a lot of regret, resentment, guilt, and shame when we want to do complete a task and we never get around to it. This is not only physically unhealthy but mentally unhealthy as well. By this module with our confidence soaring sky high, we'll identify what our ODT is.


Complete the ODT that is causing us to feel shame, regret, and that is preventing us from growing

Naturally identify what your ODT is without second-guessing yourself and feeling overwhelmed

Unfortunately there isn't just one ODT to work on, there seems to be hundreds, so we'll work on creating a fool proof game plan for you on how to complete your ODTs while not getting too distracted, discouraged, or overwhelmed

This is how you have just created A Stressless life for yourself. You've created habits around your physical, mental, and spiritual health and you've created a game plan through self-reflection on how to foresee and diagnose obstacles as they arise.

Creating a fool proof game plan for you on how to complete your ODTs lifelong

Congratulations on creating a Stressless Life for yourself, while creating sustainable habits around your physical, mental, and spiritual health

Maintenance Mastery


Congratulations you just finished the course! You've come a long way from we started and we want to celebrate you and your accomplishments! We're gonna print out and share our Certificate of Achievement!

After we celebrate the confident new you, we're going to rewind the clock and monitor all the progress we made since day 1 and see if we need to make any necessary adjustments moving forward.

Next, our primary focus will be on how to implement these newly developed habits and behaviors outside the program. What good is going through a rigorous program if you're going to go back to square one right?

If you liked the support and framework that we provided for you, there will be an opportunity to enroll in other offerings at an exclusive members only discount.


Print out and share our Certificate of Achievement in the facebook groups

Reflect on where we started since day 1 and make any necessary adjustments moving forward

Maintenance program on how to implement the newly developed habits and behaviors outside of the course

Invitation to enroll in other offers at an exclusive members only discount


You'll receive Module 1 and 2 immediately and then starting from Module 3 you will be given access to one module per week. I want you to have ample time to move through the lessons and incorporate them BEFORE moving onto the next module

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you'll get

(A $997 VALUE)

Success Blueprint - Establishing your framework for success, which will serve as your guiding light when challenges arise and putting you in a position to succeed

Movement Mastery - You'll feel more invigorated, energized, fit, confident and healthier because you will be addicted to movement and exercise

Organization Mastery - You're going to learn how to efficiently organize your thought processes, while creating a lifelong sustainable organizational system

Journaling Mastery - You're going to learn how to journal efficiently to 1) create clarity, 2) develop the therapist so 3) you can tap into your intuition

ODT Mastery - We're going to get in a habit of eliminating regret, resentment, guilt, and shame on a daily basis by completing that one difficult task

Maintenance Mastery - We'll reflect on how far we've come since Day 1 and implement a maintenance plan for our newly developed habits and behaviors

I do this to protect your time, attention, and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that comes with developing new habits, aka putting you in a position to succeed

4 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions Inside the Exclusive Stressless Facebook Group for Members


Option to Have an Accountability Partner or Group -sometimes it's just easier to have an accountability buddy or a group of people supporting each other. You'll have the opportunity to plan or time-block with your partner or group, when you'll do certain activities together, to make the process more enjoyable and fun!

(A $997 VALUE)

What You'll Get:

An active and highly supportive Facebook community with fellow students to ensure you'll get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. We'll use the community for support, inspiration, and encouragement.

Be and inspiration to others by posting your wins, realizations, most-effective techniques) or receive inspiration from others as you see what's working for them. Remember we all learn differently, so this accountability group is going to provide you with various insights that you can incorporate on your journey!

A space to overcome isolation and overwhelm while constantly refill your motivation tank by connecting with other Stressless members who "get" the journey and are here to help and encourage you to cross the finish line.

Plus These Bonuses To Help You Generate Unstoppable Momentum Long After Graduation


4 Weeks of Live Group Coaching Inside the Exclusive Stressless Facebook Group for Members

4 Weeks of Live Group Coaching Sessions every Monday to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence. (I highly recommend you take advantage of this, some serious transformations occur from these calls!)

(A $1997 VALUE)

What You'll Get:

An active and highly supportive Facebook community with fellow students to ensure you'll get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. We'll use the community for support, inspiration, and encouragement.



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Burning questions your fellow members asked before reaching unshakeable confidence

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I'm going to need to learn and implement inside this program. Are you sure I can do this?

Being a Mom or a Go-getter, I'm fairly busy and do not have much free time, what is my daily time commitment and the length of the course?

As somebody that gets overwhelmed easily, I've broken down the course into simple and easy to follow steps. I know how busy you are and I surely want to respect your time.

Keeping my Mom in mind while I've created this course, I've curated it to where your daily commitment will vary depending on the busyness of your schedule, a rough estimate can be anywhere from 30 - 120 minutes a day. The length of this course is 30 days to really help you build and carry the momentum moving forward

I've had trouble committing to programs in the past, how is this program going to be any different compared to previous programs?

I wish I could day this isn't a common problem, but IT IS such a common problem. That's why I've created the live trainings, facebook group, and the tracker for you. These tools will help you understand your current behaviors and once we have clear knowledge of how you operate we can transform them to desirable behaviors and habits.

Will I need to invest in any other trainings or materials while I'm in this course?

Nope! Wait, unless you don't have a phone, notebook and a pen, if you have all three of those things you're good to go!

Nothing has worked for me in the past, and this all really sounds great but I'm really worried that I won't see any results?

I share your pain and I completely understand where you are coming from! The methodology of how this course is designed is not only backed by science, but has been validated by so many people. If you show me that you've done the work and you still feel unsure I'll gladly refund all of your money within 30 days of starting the course. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I've invested in courses or have gone on retreats in the past and though I've learned a lot from them, I want to make sure I can still build on what I've learned from the course, how does this course help with that?

I kept the course in mind with regards to this question. I've shared similar experiences to you, to help facilitate implementation after the course, there will be an opportunity to enroll in group coaching, and you can always revisit the material as you'll have lifetime access to the course and any future updates.

You should give Stressless a shot if

you're motivated by any of the following:

By now, you're fully aware that nothing in your life will change for the better unless you change your behaviors and habits.

Still "thinking about it" ?

You want your life back... like...

really badly.

You're so freakin' ready to

"put in the work."

You appreciate the journey to fulfillment because you know the experience gained will hone your new and pre-existing skillsets.

But above all else, you're ready to stop playing small, because you weren't meant to live an unfulfilling life and you're ready to tap into your God-given potential.

You are no longer concerned with the judgment from others, because they do NOT have the same aspirations that you have.

And because Stressless is the most proven, refined, and comprehensive program for transforming stress and anxiety into fulfillment, you have the utmost confidence that every hour you invest in yourself will pay off dramatically throughout your life.

Whether another coulda, woulda, shoulda day goes by, having too much on your plate, or not knowing where to begin, you're fully aware that you don't have the time, mindset or resources you TRULY need to be living your best life.

More importantly, you'd prefer not to spend the rest of your life, living with guilt, regret, resentment, or shame and not learning how to live a life of fulfillment. You'd rather not chant the mantra "I don't have time" every time something fun and exciting pops up.

That's why you're motivated beyond measure to invest the next month in crafting the skillsets needed to dramatically alter the rest of your life.

You recognize that this course is the best investment for your health that you'll ever make

You're aware of the rising costs of hospitalization and healthcare and that you can drastically reduce your chances of being put on blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and other health-related medications.

You're aware of the hourly rates ($60 - $100+) of therapists and know that you're getting multi-level support (course material, accountability group, and group coaching) compared to a single-level of support.

You're also aware that you are directly impacting the health and livelihood of your children, family, friends and loved ones by self-respecting yourself and practicing what you preach. Therefore not only serving as inspiration for them but also for your community at large. You're directly healing the world!

That's all I got...

If any of these inspiring factors had you nodding your head --- I borderline insist that you enroll in the Stressless course today.

And to change, you realize that you must be in conscious action, and that conscious action requires having clarity through self-reflection which will be continually honed and developed throughout this course.



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Pree's course is very easy to follow. His group coaching has provided me with so much perspective on what to focus on with my business!

By the completion of the Stressless course, I felt much more organized, clear, and present with every day tasks.


I personally cannot wait to guide you over these next 4 weeks...

Being a Registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher has transformed my level of consciousness and to be able to live off my intuition.

However, even having a raised level of consciousness could not prevent me from suffering depression when I closed down my gym/yoga studio on November 2019,

I decided to go home during my bout with depression so I can see the one person who always cheers me up, my Mom! As always, when I was home my Mom cooked my favorite food and I kept saying out loud, "Wow, I forgot how much I loved my Mom." This got me reminiscing about my childhood, and how not only would she always take me and my two sisters to piano lessons and tennis lessons, but also had to cook two to three meals and clean every single day! I got really angry at that moment and I said "Screw this" I'm not going to let other Moms experience the pain and sacrifice that my Mom through. I saw my Mom lose all her confidence throughout the years, this was a person that was ready to pursue her bachelor's degree, was a chess player, and overall had higher aspirations in life. This really irritated me, how much she had to sacrifice for all of us, so she was in the inspiration behind this course.

Throughout the last two years I've been diligently researching, experimenting, and refining all the materials I've learned through my schooling and independent study on what would be the best formula for success, and this is how I came up with the Stressless.

And one last quick story before I sign off. Listen, I love my dad but he has never supported me, called me a failure, mentioned how I was a disappointment to the family, and is ashamed of me. But worse than all of that, he has my Mom playing the role of the buffer, which had led me to be isolated from my Mom. This isn't a soapbox to bash my Dad, but rather a reminder of knowing the pain of what it feels like to not be supported. It's been one of the most difficult experiences I've had to deal with my whole life and quite frankly, I wouldn't wish it upon anybody. And this is why you're going to succeed, I know how much pain I went through with my Dad and I don't want to anyone to ever feel that they won't be supported. This is why I go above and beyond to offer the level of support, because no one should be on this journey alone, and that includes you my friend!

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 4 weeks will be completely and utterly life changing for you, your family, and your community.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Stressless!

All The Best,



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