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Austin Life Coaching Services to Overcome Stress & Anxiety

An intuitive and customized course with group coaching designed to help you understand and overcome your causes of stress and anxiety.

Create Sustainable Habits with Personalized Life Coaching in Austin

Customized 1-1 weekly coaching calls designed to help you transform your current unhealthy habits into permanent healthy habits.

Corporate or Team Stress & Anxiety Coaching in Austin

Industry specific corporate and team workshops designed to help your company and team maximize productivity and create a happy workplace. 

Meet Pree: Your Stress & Anxiety Coach

Pree Poonati

Anxiety coach in austin texas

Hey everyone is different right? So that’s why the cookie-cutter approach to coaching doesn’t work. I will work with you personally and/or collectively as a group, to provide you with the necessary resources to put you in a position to succeed and to achieve a life of everlasting fulfillment. My company, The Art of Nirvana, based out of Austin Texas, has already helped over 1000 people transform their life.

Stress and Anxiety Course Introduction


Frequently Asked Questions

They work with you to offer a framework that is suitable for your needs so you can understand what the causes and solutions are to help you get to the next level

Most coaches charge minimum $60 an hour

Yes absolutely, everything I do is mostly remote coaching

You need a life coach or a weight loss coach to teach you how to develop the habits that are needed to make this a permanent lifestyle

Through studying, experimenting, and implementing various techniques learned over the years , I’ve come up with a proven system that consistently yielded results for me and my members

Yes there are very limited spots available!

If you do the work and show proof, and are not seeing the results you desire, I will gladly refund 100% of your money back

Yes absolutely! I’ve implemented multiple avenues of support through group coaching, motivational emails, a Facebook accountability group, live Q&A calls, live sharing circles, guides and checklists, and financial incentives for doing the work!

My Promise To You...

Listen, life is tough and extremely unforgiving. And it takes a lot of effort and energy to move through the pain we experience everyday.

As human beings we are all prone to pain. If we continue to ignore our pain and do not develop a clear plan to overcome our pain, we start experiencing stress and anxiety. 

I’ve been studying pain my whole life, and I want to give you the simple framework to help you overcome your pain once and for all. 

Yes, there will be obstacles and YES you will succeed!

My promise to you is I will put you in a position to succeed, no matter how daunting the situation is, if you no longer want stress and anxiety ruining your life.

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